Whether it be your enthusiastic interest in Whisky wishing to complement a special evening with a fine dram for guests, a serious collector in search of rare & vintage bottles or a desire to own your own cask we are able to assist your search as we have access to the most prestigious distilleries in Scotland.

Owning your own cask?

We are able to offer a range, from relatively young casks, that will grow in quality & value as they mature, to extremely rare & old expressions that are in continual high demand. Recently whisky casks from leading distilleries have set record prices at auction houses. Global demand is rising while supplies remain stable meaning it will take many years before the supply of single malt whisky can catch up. We are able to offer;
We are informed of available casks from leading distilleries regularly therefore register your interest and we will be sure to keep you informed.
Your passport to:

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